Stained Teeth: Avoid These Things

Stained Teeth: Avoid These Things

Wondering what stains teeth? Follow the advice from Tender Care Dental and keep your teeth whiter for longer!

We like to provide useful, everyday dental tips for our patients; take a look at our last post to find out how to improve your dental hygiene. This way we can help you – even when you’re at home! We make it a priority to provide the highest standard of dental care for our patients. You can trust that a dentist will be there in any dental emergency!

What Stains Teeth? – 3 Things to Avoid

Coffee and Tea

Most people are aware that drinking lots of coffee and tea is likely to cause discoloration to your teeth. They are both acidic, coffee more so than tea! If you drink tea and coffee regularly, this acidity will penetrate the surface of your teeth and cause yellowing.

Curry, Pasta Sauces, Beetroot etc.

Obviously, any food rich in colour is more than likely going to stain your teeth. Pasta sauce and curry, foods with rich tomato bases are what to avoid if you are conscious of maintaining white teeth. Though tomatoes are extremely good for you and a great source of nutrients, they have a very deep red colour. Beetroot is bursting with vitamins and minerals, it’s so good for you! However, it is something that stains anything easily, you’ll know if you’ve handled it. So, be cautious when eating foods like these.

Red Wine

Like coffee and tea, red wine contains tannins – a tannin is a naturally occurring element found in some fruits, plants, seeds, leaves etc – and tannins lead very quickly to staining teeth! You can tell immediately if someone has had red wine, it stains your mouth so easily. Make sure are drinking it in moderation if you are hoping to keep your white smile! If you are looking to whiten your teeth, Bluewater Dental offers many different teeth whitening treatments!

Another habit people often fall into is using their teeth as tools. It is common for people to use teeth to open things, take off bottle caps, take a tag off of clothing etc. Doing this a couple of times is alright but don’t do it regularly! Using your teeth for these reasons can potentially cause trauma and cause the tooth to weaken. If you find yourself doing this all the time, be aware of the effect it could be having on your mouth.

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